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Vendendo Seu Peixe


  1. Hire a Professional to solve your Demand!

    We often don't have time to research a solution and we need to solve a small project, a new project, a routine or a report.

    Therefore the purpose of this section is that you put your demand / need and if you already have a budget to hire or want to negotiate in PVT, so that anyone interested in the Windev community can contact and provide the service.

    Example, I need a simple mobile system for a given situation, but I have no time and my budget is 5,000.00, then create a topic with the title for example: Mobile App for Such a thing, then in the description I put details of how project / routine / demand, which version needs to be delivered, deadline, etc and the budget if any or interested contact us in PVT or by phone, email etc ...

    In this way we intend to promote one more way to help the community for those who can provide the service to those who need the service.

    Please note that the WxDev forum is not responsible for any type of negotiation / hiring arising from the posts.

    Suggestions are welcome.

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